Thursday, May 29, 2008

Politicians throwing stones 

In thinking of the Democrat primary fiasco and the MI/FL fracas, I think I've hit upon an ingenious compromise solution that is not only unreasonably fair but has the added benefit of casting even more monkey wrenches into the gummed up gears of the nominating process. It's a bit tricky, but I'll try and explain it as clearly as my poor skills allow:

While one may want to have the voices of the people of MI and FL heard, it can not be denied that there are Democrat primary voters who did not cast a ballot either because they expected their vote to not count or because their candidate was not on the ballot. So the major question, from a fairness point, is how to count the votes that were cast without penalizing those who would have voted if the conditions had been different? My solution is to count all the votes, even those not cast.

Let's say, for example, that 1.7 million voted in FL out of 3.4 million registered Democrats (a 50% rate). I propose that 50% of FL's delegates be apportioned according to the votes cast while the remaining 50% of delegates are seated to represent the will of those who did not vote.

Like I said, this is incredibly fair to all registered Democrats and the fun comes into play when the candidates try to court even more undeclared and unpledged delegates.

Ooooooh, I just love the thought of watching that train wreck!

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