Monday, October 18, 2004

Stolen Valor III - Bride of the Crazy Veteran 

(Part 2 in an, unfortunately, continuing series)

Well, they're at it again. Last night's episode of Crossing Jordan included an Iraqi vet driven crazy by a Dear John letter. Kicked out on a "section 8," he returns to Boston where he becomes homeless, gets in a confrontation with his ex's fiancé and kills himself by falling off a parking garage onto a barbed wire fence that slices open his throat, but not before he gets a chance to build and plant a bomb in the fiancé's Mustang's trunk. This was accompanied by snips of the soldier's video diary, including tearful questioning of what they were doing, why they were there, how pointless it was, the killing of little children, and anything else that would make a great wet dream for Michael Moore. Being two weeks before the election had no bearing at all upon the airing of this program, of course. I wrote NBC a letter and will update if they respond.

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