Monday, July 17, 2006

Useful Analogies 

In considering the Israeli actions in southern Lebanon, the following two analogies may be useful in explaining the situation to others.

1. There is an extreme political ideology in Mexico that contends that the Southwestern U.S. belongs to Mexico and should be returned/taken. Imagine if this ideology supported an armed force on the border and that this force invaded, took U.S. soldiers captive and fired rockets into El Paso. Further, imagine the government of Mexico was either unwilling or unable to stop this force, despite a six-year old UN resolution requiring them to do just so. What might the U.S. response be?

2. If the U.S. provided monetary and materiel support to Zapatista rebels in Mexico, along with military training in the U.S. and advisory support by American "militia" members would Mexico be justified in contending that the U.S. was in effect waging a war against it?

Anybody that addresses the current situation from a position that Israel is wrong to act against Hezbollah is either operating from ignorance of the situation or willfully being disingenuous. The only potentially valid point of criticism against Israel is in the question of proportionality.

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