Monday, January 23, 2006

Stolen Valor IV - The Bad Colonel 

(Yet another in a continuing series)

I guess Crossing Jordan is tired of the Crazy War Veteran® motif, as they fell back on the "Evil Military Officer" theme for last night's episode.

Returned war hero (decorated for rescuing his comrades, not killing bad guys, of course) is found shot to death in his hot tub. Turns out he was going to "blow the whistle" on defective body armor. Seems the armor could stand up to 7.62mm but after two years of exposure to soldier's sweat the fibers became "loose." Long story short, add in the typical evil defense contractor CEO (whose alibi was that he was returning from Aspen on his personal jet), mix with a grieving mother and a returning KIA who somehow manages to find his way onto the Boston ME's slab and wrap it up with a Colonel killing the Sgt. to cover up taking a $2M kick-back for the contract. Sprinkle liberally (pun intended) with a heartless Army that rushed the testing to get the armor into the field and you've got a hit. Garnish with a toss away "2,000 dead in Iraq, kind-of makes you wonder (if it was because of the faulty armor)" and the Colonel's comment that "the war wasn't supposed to last that long" followed by a snappy "guess you should have clued GW in on your time-line."

I guess when your arguments aren't strong enough you have to make stuff up and use it to reinforce your position. Oh, I must have forgotten another election is coming up.

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