Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shameless Whoring 

OK, now that I'm a year old I can be a shameless whole like the rest. Actually, I have decided to sell my soul and engage in the most open, transparent pyramid-like scheme on the net. Specifically, I am referring to the Free iPod button in the left column.

I've done a bit of reading (including this Wired article) and this is really a kind-of Frankenstein monster melding of a pyramid scheme with a marketing tool. The way it works is that you go to the link and sign up for a promotional offer (i.e. the marketing part) and if you can get five more people to do the same (i.e. the pyramid part) they'll send you the iPod. I signed up for some home improvement thing for a $1 one-month trial membership. Since it comes with a $20 Lowe's gift card it should be a net gain. After 7 days I'm supposed to get iPod credit and then I can cancel (if I forget it's $8.99/month, so I'd better not forget). Other offers included the omnipresent BMG and Columbia record clubs, a couple of 0% credit cards and a free 30-day eFax trial.

So, the bottom line is that if this looks like something you'd like to try (or if you have five friends you think you can convince to help you get a nice present), give a click. It doesn't have to cost you anything. If you don't want to, that's cool too. I wanted to give it a try but just didn't want to come off like some of those other wankers who beg for PayPal tips simply for doing something they enjoy.

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