Thursday, January 06, 2005

Where Can We Get One of Those? 

Michael Munger recently wrote of Adrienne Clarkson, the Governor General of Canada, informing those of in the dark that she represents the "Queen's interests." Now, leaving aside for the moment that as far as I was aware Canada no longer owes alegience to the crown, I still was not clear on what practical function these "interests" assumed, so cruised over to the website for her stately manor and discovered the enumerated responsibilities include:
The cited web page even conveniently asks the real question for us: "Many people wonder why Canada has both a Governor General (representing the head of state) and a Prime Minister (the head of government)." While letting us know that "[o]ne reason is that the Governor General can represent all Canadians as a neutral symbol removed from partisan concerns and the daily affairs of government," they never get around to providing any others.

So it seems the people of Canada get a representative that is appointed for them by a hereditary monarch from another country and to whom is given a large estate in which they formally perform the duties of a file clerk all for the small sum of $19M per annum. What a bargain!

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