Thursday, January 06, 2005

Box Office Totals Speaks Truth to Power 

The Powerline gents have at Oliver Stone over his denial concerning his latest flop and the attempt to dump his failure on the doorstep of the "Stupid, Fundamentalist American" mythos. While Stone and producer Borman are quick to decry the lack of sophitication in the States, a quick check of boxofficemojo.com numbers tells a different story:
FilmDomestic (gross)Domestic (%)Foreign (gross)Foreign (%)
King Arthur$51.9M25.5%$151.5M74.5%
Last Samurai$111.1M24.3%$345.6M75.7%

So, looking at revenue we find that even the sophiticated foreign audience thought it was a piece of junk. In fact, compared against similar sorts of films, Alexander did better domestically as a percentage of total sales than even Braveheart, a film that was released in a time of much lower foreign box office expectations.

It seems the "news" just accepted their press release without any research or questioning. Well, I guess that's news after all.

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