Thursday, November 11, 2004

Still Alive 

I sometimes wondered how actively I would post after the election was over. With the fervor of the "mission" abated, would I be as moved to dedicate time to writing? And about what would I write? I recognize that I have a strong tendency to pontificate and lecture and try to curb this natural inclination when I am in front of a captive group. If I can't say something different or add value I try and remember to keep quiet. While I am not always successful, can I ask any less of myself in written communication, even this strange form known as "blogging"?

Perhaps I recoil a bit at the implied pomposity in feeling that I add such unique insight or value to the larger political discussion that I need to be heard, but in such vanity are not all voices born? Did man first form words to instruct and educate others or merely to cry out "I live" to the darkness? How, then, can any individual web log, broadcast into the ether on the net to fall upon those who would listen, be reckoned much different?

I am still here and so, though perhaps without the same urgency or fervor as before, do what I must and look out into the vast unknown darkness of the internet to cry aloud "I live."

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