Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hype the Vote 

Bill at INDC has been on Rock the Vote's case about a dummy "draft card" on their front page that, until yesterday, bore the signature of Donald Rumsfeld. They replaced it with Charlie Rangel, but still give the "draft issue" front page treatment. I poked about a bit, noting that they link to Alliance For Security for Debunking the Myths, a site that still spoke of both the House and Senate bills, even though the House Bill was shot down recently. But, oh, wait, they did notice that and didn't like it because "As a result, the draft issue will not receive the extended discussion and debate it deserves."

So, let me get this straight, they don't want a draft, but when Congress overwhelmingly votes to put the issue down they're not happy because it wasn't extensively discussed and debated. In their whine, they reveal that it isn't so much the draft per se in which they are interested, but rather in having "a real debate about the policies that have stretched the military so thin that the draft has again become a grave concern for our youth and their parents." Oh, so, once again, the spectre of a draft is just a mechanism to use to force discussion on military policy. I just hope the people aren't as dumb as these folks are counting on them being.

(Welcome INDC readers. Please feel free to look around)

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