Monday, September 27, 2004

Just Can't Please Some People 

Well, the Army is sending Pfc. Lynndie England to courts-martial, so you'd think the media that went on and on about Abu Ghraib would be happy, right? Not if you judge by the CNN headline "Pregnant soldier faces Abu Ghraib court-martial." Now, I'm not saying it isn't accurate, but is her pregnancy (due to an affair with another accused abuser) really relevent? Maybe I'm suffering from media paranoia syndrome, but I'd swear it looks like CNN is trying to come down on the Army for being so mean to this soon-to-be single mother. So that's what it takes for them to defend and be sympathetic to you. Just figure a way into a protected group of special concern and you'll try and help you out. Or maybe CNN just likes slapping the military, regardless if it finds itself inconsistent at times.

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