Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Adrift on the Stormy Seas of Public Opinion 

 Innocent, until I'm proven guilty.
Deny Everything! Deny Everything!
I'm being framed. It's all a set-up.
Deny Everything! Deny Everything!

- Circle Jerks

The blog natives are restless and they taste blood. They go to sleep each night with glorious visions dancing in their head of their personal April 9, as they connect the chain and drag down the towering statue of Dan Rather, then wake just as the sandals come off. With scant minutes to go before the promised CBS statement, I will go out on a limb and say that I don't think it will be what so many are hoping for.

Unfortunately, I only see more stonewalling and denial. Since there appears to be no "compelling legal authority" that would ever require presentation of the material in court, the only negative effect this scandal will ever have is on their credibility and caché, and it seems we may have reached the nadir of that effect. The only way to further damage CBS is by a self-admission of guilt, since there will never be a legal finding.

You see, in today's over-riding sentiment of "no absolutes" and everything, including truth, being relative, unless everyone, including CBS, admits to the falsification noone (at least in MSM) will definitively declare it as such. For eternity we will be reading about the alleged forgeries and the disputed documents. This is an effect of the liberal American culture that has anointed the courts as the arbitor of truth. There will be no trial, so they will never know the truth. Yes, the role of bloggers in trying to get the truth was vital and a great accomplishment, but I think it's reached its point of maximum effect.

Like other great deniers before, CBS and Rather will batton down the hatches, weather the storm as best they can and try to clean up after the storm.

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