Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Completely Dumbfounded by Kerry at the VFW 

"We need a president who has the credibility to bring our allies to our side because that's the right way to get the job done in Iraq ... Every Arab country has a stake in not having a failed Iraq. But they're not at the table."

I was amazed to hear these words come from Kerry's lips at his speech to the VFW today. I could not, however, find these words in the transcript provided by Kerry, so perhaps this is one of those oh-so lauded off-script moments. I was hesitant to link the only source I could find for this, as for some any reference at all to Rush Linbaugh is perceived as an indictment of independent thought, even if you're just citing a recording of a speech someone else gave.

If it weren't for the audio at Rush Limbaugh's site, I might have convinced myself that I imagined it, as, without a doubt, it has to be one of the most bone-shakingly thick-headed stupid things I've heard in a very long time. Um, Mr. Kerry, who exactly are we fighting in Iraq now? Oh, a mixture of Iraqi Ba'athist hold outs supplimented by Syrian Ba'athists, Iranian Shi'ites and Wahabbis from Saudi Arabia and every other Arab country around. The exact same people who are violently opposing Iraqi Police, Iraqi National Guard and Coalition forces as they try and help the transitional government work are the ones John Kerry is bemoaning about not being at the table to help decide the fate of Iraq?!??!?!? The truth is that most Arab countries have a stake in a failed Iraq. A successful Iraq destroys the dream of pan-Arab socialism. A successful Iraq undermines their own power base and strength. A successful Iraq stands poised to economically roll over every single other country in the region with the possible exception of Israel.

It's obvious why the words aren't in the written copy. They are to detached from reality and indicate such a marked lack of understanding that anyone in John Kerry's staff that would have penned, reviewed or approved such a statement should be immediately marched to the parade ground and be drummed out of politics, complete with ripping their little lapel pin off and crushing their BlackBerry. I can't help but think this must have been a Kerry ad-lib, which is even more frightening. And while it seems all the vogue to bash the main stream media in your blog, I saw this nowhere, repeat nowhere, except Rush Limbaugh. Maybe that's the way some like it, as they can then impugn the source, but I just get that Alice and Looking-Glass feeling more and more every day.

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